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Introducing the WebMD Patient Choice & Medscape Provider Choice Awards

WebMD Choice Awards for Best Hospitals

Power to the Patients

You need information that you can trust when seeking care. The WebMD Choice Awards is the only hospital recognition program based on the opinion of patients and health care providers. Because we believe when patients have a voice, everybody wins.

Specialty Awards
Best local hospitals for Specialty Awards
The WebMD Choice Awards recognizes hospital systems that provide superior patient care in six key specialties. Click the links below to view hospital rankings based on votes from both patients and health care providers.
Awards by Class
WebMD Choice Awards Elite ChoiceWebMD Choice Awards Patient ChoiceWebMD Choice Awards Physician Choice
Hospital systems receive one of three distinct awards based on their WebMD Choice Awards ranking: WebMD Elite Choice for the top health systems that are preferred by patients and physicians two-to-one over competitors for a specific specialty in their local market, WebMD Patient Choice for hospitals in the top 30% of patient preferences, and Medscape Provider Choice for hospitals in the top 30% of health care provider preferences.